Windows 8 RTM VPN Error – Fixed!

You may be receiving an ‘Error 691’ or similar when trying to make a VPN connection in Windows 8 that worked just fine in Windows 7 or earlier.  I fixed the issue with the following VPN connection’s configuration.  Your mileage may vary depending on your VPN server configuration:

Make sure your configuration looks like this, and your VPN may begin working again.

Open the VPN connection properties by right clicking on the connection in the Windows 8 network charms bar and choose ‘View Connection Properties’.  Click the ‘Security’ tab.  Make sure ‘Allow these protocols’ is checked (the ‘Microsoft CHAP’ check-box is already selected).

My VPN finally connected without issue.  Good luck!


  1. Tony

    Finally. Thank you. Been driving me nuts. The IT Manager was the only person who couldn’t VPN anymore (me)… also the only person that has Windows8. Looked everywhere for a solution. Not even Tech Net helped me…

  2. Muhammed

    Thank you very much. Your are GREAT. Hot the nail right on the head. I followed the instructions that my IT guy gave me for setting up VPN on Windows 7. With Windows 8, I kept getting the same error!!! Why people at Microsoft can’t leave the things alone that work!!!. Thank you again

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